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as always thank you for being with us. now to greta who is standing by to go live on the record tonight. >> greta: tonight in her first national television interview since all hell brook loose, arizona governor brewer is here to go on the record. first, pay close attention to this. >> we are going to toughen border security. we are going to do everything we can to make sure we have strong border control, because it is not only a question about illegal immigration it is about our security. we have to know who is coming in and out of our country. >> the american people are angry that the federal government has failed to protect and secure our borders. and they are telling us, get it done! and we will! >> secure our borders, while at the same time recognize the economic and social reality by providing guest worker programs and giving everyone
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citizenship who is already in the country and meets certain criteria. >> of course we need to secure the border. we need to have an employment verification system with an card to identify who is here legally and not legally. >> i will make it a top priority in my first year as president not only because we have an obligation to secure our borders and get control of who comes in and out our country. not only because we have to crackdown on employers abusing undocumented immigrants instead of hiring citizens. because we have to bring undocumented immigrants out of the shadows. >> greta: arizona governor jan brewer joins us now. i don't know if you her the mayor and governor, secretary of state when she was running for office, and president obama when he was run you go. does arizona feel abandoned by the national leaders on this issue of immigration? >> we do greta. we have been fighting this issue, this problem that is
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facing arizona for the last 15 years. now since i've been governor since last january, i have written numerous letters to the administration in regard regards to securing our borders with no response. we've been facing this crisis and it is devastating the people of arizona. i feel as governor i have a responsibility to protect the citizens. we've been inundated with criminal activity. it has been outrageous. >> greta: last night we played a sound bite going back to president clinton, even president reagan talked about strengthening the borders and it still hasn't been done. why do you think everybody talks about it, but it hasn't been done? >> i have no idea. it is very, very frustrating. arizona is of course catch being the brunt of it all. it is unfortunate, because it is illegal.
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it is their federal responsibility to secure our borders. it is not just illegal immigration, terrorists can come across. they are devastating our ranchers in southern arizona, kidnapping, automobile accidents, extortion, drugs, the spill-over with the drug cartels, we are facing all of it. we are not going to put up with it any longer. i hope now we have senate bill 1070 signed we'll get somebody's attention. but it is the federal government's responsibility to secure our borders. states cannot sustain it. >> greta: i don't know whether a court will declare a portion or all of your statute unconstitutional. there's one part that is has -- that has caught many people's eyes. president obama has described it as miss guided what is your reaction to the president's description? >> he has a right to say whatever he wants. misguided, i think he's wrong.
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i have a responsibility to the people of arizona. i'm sure he's concerned because of the brouhaha and over-dramatic comments about racial profiling. i made perfectly clear when i signed the bill we would not tolerate racial profiling in an effort to alleviate concerns i put out an executive order that the police officer standards and training commission would set the standards of destinations and law would mean. we are not going to have racial profiling. we are going to mirror the federal government's law that's all we have done. our law is exactly like the federal law. if the feds won't come in and protect us we will come forward and protect ourselves. we have no other choice. we have a right, greta, to feel free in our state and to feel safe. with what is going on we have many people that they are not safe.
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>> greta: odd twist of fate the former governor of arizona is now our homeland security officer, janet napolitano. have you picked up the phone to her and said, hey remember this problem, what can you do to help us? >> no i have not picked up the telephone. i have written her a letter and i saw her at a meeting. she obviously is turning a blind eye to arizona. she understands what the situation is. she wrote numerous letters when she was governor to the administration looking for help and relief. for her to make the comment she made that the borders are, what was it, the borders are more secure than they've ever been. they've never been secure. we are a gateway for every illegal immigration and criminal element into the united states. >> greta: do you think she believes that or is that political her statement? have things changed since she was governor?
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do you think she believes the borders have gotten stronger in arizona or why would she make that statement n your opinion? >> well, i think they don't want to address it. probably politically, i believe that they want the multitudes. we know politically, registration, voting numbers, tend to lean towards a democratic edge probably more than they do republicans. for whatever the reasons, they certainly do not address the issue in arizona. it is very, very frustrating. it is interesting, you know, 70% of the people not only in arizona, but 70% of the people throughout the united states agree they have the responsibility to secure our borders. they've been sake it for years now that they are going to secure the borders. and no one secures the borders. we live with it day in and day out. we're not going to tolerate it any more.
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>> greta: what about calls for boycotts. some cities suggesting a boycott. we'll have a member of the los angeles city council on who is going to seek a boycott of l.a. official business from your state. what do you say to the people on boycotts? >> i think that's unfortunate they come forward and talk about boycotting the state of arizona for wanting the law to be upheld. the bottom line is when they call for boycotts they are hurting everybody here that is legal the citizens of arizona. it is an unfortunate situation. i will tell you, people won't want to come to arizona if we don't have a border security measure put into place. they want to travel, bring businesses, they want to be safe. it is illegal. that's the whole question. it is illegal to cross the border without having papers. we have over 1,000 illegal immigrants coming across the border a day.
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of those that apprehended, 87% have criminal records. they are using up our school dollars. they are using up our hospital dollars. they are using up our court dollars. and they are using up our incarceration dollars. and the feds don't even respond, which they are responsible to pay for the incarceration of these people. arizona cannot afford to take care of these people. they are illegal. we need to secure the borders and then address some kind of immigration reform. i don't support a.m.ness but we need to address the issue of -- amnesty. but we need to address the issue of how we are going to keep the congress open between mexico. mexico is our largest trade partner here in the state and so we want to have a goodéq#z commerce relation. we can't sustain the illegal activity and the services they demand. >> greta: let me ask you a situation trying to understand the statute.
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i want to understand the interpretation. if someone is standing on a street corner not doing anything sinister, suspicious, just standing there. under your statute may a police officer say produce proof that you have a green card or citizen? can they demand that information? >> no, absolutely no there has to be reasonable suspicion. probable cause. it is very clear. the hysteria and misinformation has been alarming to say the least. certainly, if there's reasonable suspicion, like currently they would ask for identification. it is a federal law of course if you are an immigrant you are to carry your documentation with if you don't have it and you are arrested, you have to prove you are a citizen. if you are not, you will be deported. breath get any other governors call you and -- >> greta: any other governors call you up and say great idea,
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standing by you? >> i spoke to governor schwarzenegger today. i have a call into governor perry. i spoke with governor richardson -- >> greta: what did richardson and schwarzenegger have to say about it? >> certainly, governor schwarzenegger understands the frustration we have with the federal government. seems like they never do the job they are supposed to do. all of us have been impacted with the illegal immigration and not having the borders secured. >> greta: governor richardson? >> governor richardson called we had a nice conversation. i think he had a little bit of hesitation. but he understands the issue we are facing, certainly. [ talking over each other ] >> greta: does he support you in this? >> i don't know. you would have to ask him. >> greta: all right then we will. of course this issue is not going away. i hope you will come back as we continue to follow this story, thank you governor. >> thank you greta. >> greta: next, griff jenkins shows you phoenix, arizona
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where things are reaching a boiling point in two minutes lawmakers defending the law, others fighting the law and a 24 hour protest. is your congress about to pull a number out of a hat? did you think this will make you happy? start guessing. republican congressman paul ryan on the record minutes from now. we are back in two, don't go away. we so much more tonight.
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>> greta: on the record is on the ground in arizona where everyone is talking about the new immigration law. tempers flaring, things getting hotter. griff jenkins in the middle. >> reporter: conversation has reached a boiling point on the ground in phoenix. we spoke with lawmakers on both sides of the issue as well as officials in the government, city council men and a group holding a 24 hour vigil in protest. you are opposed to the bill, why? >> a number of reasons. one, it violates the basic
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tenets of our constitutional rights the 4th amendment. which says we should all be free from unreasonable search and seizure. this bill doesn't guarantee that right to americans and it causes concern. >> reporter: attorney general holder is looking at the constitutionality of the you law will you be sending a letter to washington about your views? >> absolutely i sent governor brewer a letter before she signed the bill laying out the constitutional infirmties and asking her to veto the bill. i will continue to work with anyone in pursuing on constitutional grounds. >> reporter: state representative john cavanaugh is the sponsor of this new bill. you believe it is good for arizona, why? >> absolutely. i will pwhraoel immigrants bring tremendous amounts of crime, drug smuggling, human smuggling, street crime and a burden on the arizona economy. billions in incarceration, apprehension costs, education costs, other benefits. we are being triangled by them
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in addition the federal government under the bush administration the federal government dropped the ball internal enforcement and border security. the obama administration can't find the ball. the only reference in this bill to papers and documents is a defense, section that says, if you are being questioned by police because of reasonable suspicion, you are here illegally, if you present certain government id's like an arizona driver's license you are presumed to be here legally. the question ends, you go on your way. >> reporter: mr. martin i have a letter you sent to secretary napolitano who was governor of arizona. you sent this in january submitting a nearly billion dollar invoice the federal government for the cost of illegal immigration? >> correct. right now we have uncompensated costs for just incarceration of illegals who have committed felonies in the state over 750 million with interest it is over a billion dollars just within the prison system that doesn't count
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health care and education. >> reporter: governor napolitano had invoiced the federal government for the cost of incarceration of illegal immigrants. now she is secretary, and you are picking up where she left off, is that correct? >> exactly. we resubmitted the bill she sent to the bush administration saying you need pay this we said okay you are in a position to help us out with this. unfortunately, the response we was nothing. >> reporter: here on the capital grounds a small group, you can see their sign. folks have been holding a 24 hour vigil protest what is the message you want to convoy to the lawmakers? >> i came from pomona, california because i was inspired by what these beautiful women are doing that's in the spirit of caesar chavez, martin luther king, rosa parks and ghandhi, the message is that repeal this
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law, this is an unjust law we have the obligation and the duty, i have the obligation as a citizen to stand up for what is right to stand up for our constitution to stand up for liberty and justice for all. >> reporter: we are in the halls of city hall with councilman. yesterday the mayor brought a vote on whether to bring a lawsuit against this new arizona immigration law. >> correct. he tried bring that forward. not have the votes. now he's trying to circumvent the will of the people and the council by going around saying he's going to bring it as his official capacity as mayor. we are saying he cannot do that without the authorization of the entire council. >> reporter: i should point out councilman we asked mayor gordon to speak with us he wasn't available. what is your i am breaks -- impression will the mayor go forward on his own? >> it is not on his own. he's going forward in his
10:18 pm
official capacity. we are saying he cannot without the authorization of the council. we are very clear. a lot of cities around the country have what is called a strong mayor form of government. we don't. we have a weak mayor form of government. which means the mayor is no different than anyone on the council. he cannot act on his own without the authority of this council. this council is clearly told the mayor he cannot move forward with this without a vote from us. >> greta: next a city councilman who says my city should not do business with arizona any more. the boycott coming, fan out next. former first lady laura bush and president bush poisoned on an overseas trip? mrs. bush giving the inside story. stay right here, we are back in just a few. we're with you when you're saving for your dreams.
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>> greta: our next guest wants a boycott of arizona. los angeles city councilman wants l.a. to stop doing official business with arizona because of arizona's illegal immigration law. councilman joins us live, good evening, sir. >> good evening, pleasure to be here. >> greta: sir, are you opposed to/=
10:23 pm
>> i read information on it i confirm with my mind and me reading having been a former state legislature myself and current elected official for the city of los angeles. the way it reads if the officer feels, it is their discretion if they feel they are being here without ask them to confirm. if they can't confirm they have the right to detain them and go as far as turning them over to ice. which put a dent in anybody's day whether a businessperson, doing work or strolling down the street or driving a car. >> greta: i have to review that i confess i have to take another look at the statute to see whether they suspect the or some criminal conduct. i'll go back and check that >> some portions talk about
10:24 pm
potential criminal conduct that they see or suspect they are engaged in criminal conduct. but it also gives them right if they are suspect in the sense that they feel they may be here illegally or be here without documentation they can go ahead and detain them and even turn them over to ice. >> greta: in terms of a boycott, how much business does los angeles have in arizona now? >> well we don't normally track the business we have specifically with arizona. we are the second largest city in the country and a tremendous economy. our city budget just the general fund is over four billion dollars. we purchase products and do business with other countries, with the state of california and states around this country as well. it is inevitable that we have some business with the state of the california today. >> greta: you mean with the state of arizona. >> with the state of arizona, thank you. >> greta: i hope you have business with the state of california you are in deep trouble. your economy is rough i don't
10:25 pm
even know why you are doing any business with arizona with your economy even that is a little unusual to me. are you calling for the.could the? what is the method you are going to follow to attempt to achieve a boycott of arizona? >> basically my colleagues and myself signed a resolution stating as long as this law is in effect in the state of arizona we will choose to boycott the state of arizona and encourage our constituents in los angeles to boycott the state of arizona. doing business with them, going to arizona. tourism is a big part of the state of arizona. a lot of californians do tour nevada, arizona, many states an adjacent to us. >> greta: what should we do about illegal immigration? >> well, first of all we should allow the federal government to enforce the laws. >> greta: they haven't. we started the show going back to president reagan. everyone keeps talking about secure the borders.
10:26 pm
that hasn't been done. >> but this is an irresponsible law people get elected to be responsible and level-headed not to act in a rash way and do inks that could be unconstitutional and treat people differently. on top of that we have police chiefs and sheriffs around the country that say laws like this -- >> greta: i got that, i understand you believe the statute is unconstitutional. a court will decide that how do you get the federal government to sewer the borders? -- to secure the borders? >> we elect people they need to do their jobs. the president would love to sign something he said it. at the same time they need to do their job there. it is unresponsible to pass local laws that treat people different threuplt law is going to hurt public safety. if people don't feel comfortable reporting crimes that is going to hurt public safety and all communities in arizona. >> greta: thank you very much. hope you come back to the show.
10:27 pm
coming up, do you know how to lose lots of your old friends fast, really fast? one famous politician is doing it. we'll show you who and how, coming up. senator rick santorum goes on the record. o'minutes from now. how is it possible that the u.s. government does not have a budget? congressman ryan goes on the record, next. [ drew ] get your makeup on. get your look on track. come on, covergirl. take beautiful back. you can start right here. just click to match your department store shades for less. easy, breezy, beautiful. covergirl. look at all this stuff foffee. oh there's tons. french presses, expresso tampers, filters. it can get really complicated.
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>> greta: unless you live in a cave you know we are drowning in debt. what are we going to do? do you have any ideas? congressman ryan sits on president obama's new debt commission. earlier congressman ryan went on the record. congressman, nice to see you, sir a >> how are you? >> greta: well. in national commission of
10:31 pm
fiscal responsibility of which you are a member. i want to jump ahead to december 1st, if 14 out of 18 members agree on whatever your report is, what is going to happen to that report? what is the point of it? >> idea of the report is to put our fiscal house back in order and on a better trajectory. spending is the problem not taxing. we need to focus on spending. my hope is we come up with real spending controls to get our entitlements under control and spending in order. the president's budget is unsustain able. >> greta: it is a recommendation. here's a good idea let's try this, essentially, right? >> yeah, here's a good idea let's try this there's an agreement by harry reid to bring it up in the senate. if that passes there's an agreement by nancy pelosi to bring it up for a vote in the house. agreement they will vote if the commission -- it needs 14
10:32 pm
out of 18 to make a recommendation go forward to be considered. >> greta: our current debt is 12.8, 13 trillion give or take a few billion, whatever. you say you are in favor of cutting spending. it seems there are three ways to arrive at resolving this. you cut spending. you raise taxes or you rev up the economies so we have a lot of money pouring in to the government or some combination of those three, is that a fair sort of -- >> that's fair arithmetic, right. >> greta: how are you going to convince everybody in this panel to your viewpoint that it should be cutting spending and not raising taxes? some of the members might have a vastly different idea now do this. >> i don't know i'm going to. a commission that is not purely bipartisan. stacked with far more democrats than republicans. those of us who are the elected republicans want to
10:33 pm
emphasize spending. if you go to my website i put all sorts of spending cut plans out there that payoff our debt. i'm going to be advocating those kinds of ideas. the way i look at it, the people who sent me here from wisconsin sent me here to get spending under control so they don't have their taxes raised. that's how i see my job. i'm not going to get into what is on the table or off the table. the problem in washington is spending not revenue. those are the ideas we'll bring and i hope we can get something out of it. but i'm not sure. >> greta: in terms of 14 out of the 18 let's say you only get 12 in agreement, then what happens? that's it? >> nothing. that's it. >> greta: you have at least tried but haven't achieved your goals? >> i'm hoping we get public education out of this. i'm hoping the course of this year we will bring more eding to the public as to the magnitude of this problem. just how out of control our
10:34 pm
fiscal trajectory is. that i think will help educate the public as to what reforms are needed. what trade officials are involved and to help educate congress. i don't think you should try tax out of this problem. mat -- mathematically you can't, if you try you will kill the economy. i emphasize going after spending. >> greta: i have say state from you dated april 23rd, from your office. you say the cbo has realized an analysis as of april 22nd that estimates large tax increases will hit millions of americans making well below $200,000. you say according to analysis by house, ways and means committee the president has signed into law 14 separate violations of his tax pledge. doesn't sound like you are being particularly successful in not raising taxes and cutting spending. looks like an uphill battle from what you have published. >> we don't control congress i'm in the minority ranking
10:35 pm
member of the budget committee not chairman. congress has passed 670 billion new taxes and 1.8 trillion new spending increases they've already done a lot of this already. >> greta: one of the other prongs that we can get out of our mess is if money comes in if our economy starts roaring. any indication from the february '09 stimulus bill that the economy is going to get revved up so maybe we can forestall some of the tax increases or the budget cuts? >> not the kind of revved up that you mean. yes the economy is growing. second half of 2010 you will see good economic get, three, four percent. we should have six or eight percent considering the recession we just had. most economists think we will slow back down in 2011 because of the federal reserve stopping, increasing rates. a lot think 2010 is going to
10:36 pm
be okay but 2011 is going to soften back up. we don't see the growth we will need get out of this. i say spending. lots of tax increases are coming, more proposed. that will hurt the chance of growing and creating jobs. all the more reason to get spending down. that's in my opinion the only sustainable way to get our budget balanced and payoff debt. >> greta: i don't mean to be disrespectful. in thee the budget committee in the house has republicans, democrats on it and you can discuss these issues that this commission is going to discuss and you can make recommendations. instead you have created this sort of -- maybe the word fission is a little crude, but -- fiction is a little crude. why do you have to have this special commission? you can call witnesses, business people, congress, people who work for the president. why this outside commission? >> i have a bill that pays off our national debt and balances
10:37 pm
the budget. i brought a budget to the floor last year didn't pass that does that, reduces taxes and cuts spending. i think we should do this. that is not where this congress is going. what happened with the creation of this commission is the president sent congress a budget that is unsustainable and not credible. those are the words of the budget director and treasury secretary with that budget they said we'll have tough decisions to be made by this commission to report after the election. what i think it effectively does it gives politicians up here the ability to defer tough choices to not talk about spending control and in order to deflect the kinds of criticisms about fiscal mismanagement say we've got this commission. having said that, since i'm on the commission i want to see it succeed. if there's anything that can help us get a grip on spending i want to see it succeed. >> greta: there's currently no budget, correct? right now we are operating on no budget. how in the world can you
10:38 pm
possibly figure out how much spending needs to be cut or taxes raised or even sort of the demands of our federal government if we have no budget? most families -- when you look at your household you figure out what your budget is. you are now trying to cure the deficit, but you have no idea what our budget is, because we have none. >> like i said congress just 670 billion tax increases, 1.8 trillion in new spending. after that the health care law there is no budget. doesn't look like they are going to do a budget. you need to budget for these things that is not taking place. i think it is governing 1 oui. unfortunately, congress has failed -- 101. unfortunately, congress has failed to do in the past. they will deem a number for the appropriations commit toy fund government agencies and call it a year. >> greta: like pulling a number out of a hat, i think, not to be disrespectful. aside from my flip remarks about it, i hope the
10:39 pm
commission is successful in reducing our deficit. congressman, thank you sir. >> you bet. >> greta: florida u.s. senate race. governor crist is about to change everything. senator sanatorium explains, next. and rush limbaugh. he says you are forced to do something multiple times a day because of illegal immigration. rush explains, minutes away. water vegetables need. so, to turn those vegetables into campbell's condensed soup, we don't boil it down, our chefs just add less water from the start. ♪ so many, many reasons ♪ it's so m'm! m'm! good! ♪ [ male announcer ] there's one reason why over the past 100 years generations of men have trusted gillette. when it comes to shing, we've given them our best. and on june 6th, we'll give them somethg even better.
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>> greta: next senator santorum. but first our new york newsroom with ainsley earhardt. >> reporter: goldman sachs could become the target of a criminal probe if house lawmakers have it their way in a letter 62 representatives write a criminal fraud on a historic scale seems to have occurred. goldman facing stem charges for allegedly profiting from the housing crisis while misleading investors. word of a new leak from that wreck of an oil well creating a massive slick in the gulf of mexico. control burns are unway to try to keep the oil from reaching the cost of louisiana that could happen friday. the oil leaking from a sunken drilling platform which exploded last week, killing 11 workers. 42,000 gallons of crude are pouring out everyday creating a 100 mile long slick in the gulf of mexico. i'm ainsley earhardt we return to on the record with greta van susteren. thanks for watching fox.
10:44 pm
>> greta: governor crist is declaring his independence. he's in the middle of a bare knuckle brawl for the u.s. senate badly trailing behind rubio. fox news confirms governor crist will run as an independent. rick santorum joins us live. good evening senator. i think you endorsed marco rubio before. correct me if i'm wrong. i'm secure what your thought is tonight as governor crist essentially leaves the republican party. >> irony of ironys this is a year-to-date that arlen specter switched parties. what we saw was that he left the republican party, joined the democratic party and became one of the most liberal senators in the united states senate. here a year later charlie crist is leaving the party for the same reason that arlen specter left it a year. -- a year ago.
10:45 pm
he couldn't win within the party because he left. he has decided that he's joined up with barack obama and with other things like the teachers' union against traditional republican principles and he realized if i'm not going to be a republican, i probably can win in a republican primary. only he took a halfway house step. went to the charlie crist party instead of the democratic party. me is a road to no with wherefore him and a road to nowhere for anybody that votes for him. the person who will win that seat is going to be a republican or democrat. i hope the people of florida will realize that by voighting for crist is getting a democrat elected not a republican. >> greta: he steals votes that would ordinary to the republican candidate is your thought n the general election in november? >> yeah. at this point i would say that although what we have seen from charlie crist in the past few months he's tracking firmly to the left. maybe he will pull a specter and try to get to the left of
10:46 pm
kendrick meeks which will be a feat. at this point he's going to try to play it down the middle. meeks doesn't play it down the middle. i would suspect he will draw more votes away from rubio than from meeks. >> greta: is it safe to say, maybe it is not true, once you leave your party in such a big splashy way having been currently the governor running for senate, that you won't be welcomed back into the fold later? there's not going to be post election oh yeah i'm back to being a democrat or is there? >> i think charlie has burned a bridge. maybe this is the last time he runs. he's been governor, he's obviously not running for election. he wasn't going to win a republican primary. rubio is a terrific candidate. he came from nowhere and no popular sitting governor. simply because of charlie crist's own behavior he opened up an opportunity for marco who proved to be a terrific
10:47 pm
candidate. charlie gave him the opening by his own behavior. that's not going to bode well for him going off into the >> greta: does he have any shot winning as an independent? ? >> he has a shot because he's an incumbent governor and he can raise a lot of money. >> greta: from whom? usually you raise it from your party now you have left your party it seems like the well may have dried up considerably. >> he's still the governor. the governor still has a lot of power in the state of florida. there are a lot of people who want to be nice to the governor there are things that the governor can do do help them. he will continue to raise money. he has a lot in the bank. i'll be curious to see whether the people who supported him the republicans who have supported him will ask for their money back and whether he will be courageous enough
10:48 pm
to give it back. arlen specter returned checks to people who didn't want to fund his campaign going forward. let's see if crist does that i would say very little chance that an independent wins this kind of race. what you find is independents poll reasonably well. when push comes to shove the people of the parties tend to go home and realize the third party candidate has little chance of winning and their numbers go down further. i would suggest he's probably not going to win this race. >> greta: thank you. sandra bullock drop two bombshells in one day. >> was there an attempted presidential poisoning? former first lady laura bush has the signed story, coming up. ♪ can't help it, can't help it ♪ ♪ can't help it, no no no ♪ ♪ you drive me crazy and i just n't stop. ♪ honda accord and toyota camry ♪ can't help it, no no no ♪
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>> greta: here's the best of the rest. actress sandra bullock drops two bombshells in one day. bullock has filed from divorce from her husband. bombshell number two, bullock is a mother. the actress tells "people" magazine she and james adopted a baby boy from new orleans the couple worked on the process for years and the adoption was finalized in january. bullock will have custody of the baby after the the divorce. we think we've found the
10:53 pm
biggest horse ever and the tinyiest horse ever. start with the biggest. big jake almost 6'11 lives in wisconsin and weighs about 2,600. the guinness book of world records says big jake is the tallest living horse in the world. guessing big jake could get along with stein, ways six pounds, 14 inches tall many stein's owners think he's the smallest horse in the world. the record needs to be confirmed. oops 69-year-old woman in texas a bad surprise. a demolition crew accidentally destroyed her house inch stead of the one across the street. it happened in denton, texas. she wants to put her house back together and says i think i need a lawyer. that might be a good idea. this sounds like something out of a james bond movie. were former first lady laura
10:54 pm
bush and president bush victims of an attempted poisoning? during a trip to germany she, the president and several aides became his tear ly sick. the president was bed den the secret service went on full alert investigating a poisoning -- doctors could only conclude the american delegation contracted a virus. there you have it, the best of the rest. still ahead, have you been asked to prove your identity today? why do we ask? rush limbaugh explains, next. ?
10:55 pm
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>> greta: 11:00 is almost here. it's time. now, here is a stunner. rush limbaugh has strong opinions about the arizona illegal immigration law. >> now, all of a sudden it's racist? it is racist to ask people who may be here illegally to prove they're here legally? we have to produce a lot of this identification, by the way, when we get a job because of illegal aliens. let me be clear about this, go apply for a job. you have to prove that you're a citizen. because... of the influx of illegals. we aren't used to be asked for our papers please? about the only time we aren't
10:59 pm
asked for identification my friends i've gone through everything byron york said, about the only time we're not asked for id is when we vote. we're asked for our papers. we are asked to prove who we are, constantly. and multiple times per day. and yet, somehow, it's racist to do this in arizona. and the president of the united states may move to undo the immigration law. >> we're guessing vush not done talking about this. and that is your last call. we're closing down shop. thanks for joining us tonight. we'll see you tomorrow. make sure you follow us on twitter, go to slash the o'reilly factor is fe.. make sure you tune in tomorrow night. and good night from new york and go to greta a

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